Nails of the Week 

I love to paint my nails and I paint them at least once a week. Therefore, I would like to keep you all in the know about the polishes that I am wearing each week (or as I change them)…especially since it is a main topic of this blog. I hope you all will enjoy this weekly series! And with no further ado, let’s talk about my polish choices for this week!

I was in a silvery type mood this weekend, so I decided to go with a gray silver from SquareHue’s 2000 Decades Collection which shipped out this month. It is called Hurricane. It only took two coats to get the opacity that I have and because SquareHue has an awesome formula, it will last me all week with very minimal chipping. Their polishes are literally the best quality ever! Head over to their website now to subscribe. You won’t regret it! Also, I’ll be reviewing their boxes monthly, starting next month. 🙂

On my accent nail, I used China Glaze in Polarized. I bought this polish a few months ago on sale at Sally Beauty Supply. This is my first time actually using it. With some glitter polishes, it is hard to get the glitter to actually apply to your nails. You end up with a clear coat with a few specks of glitter in it. Not the case with this polish. The glitter applied pretty thick and I only applied a second coat to get a full cover over the SquareHue base coat that I used. The glitter is holographic and reflects every color of the rainbow when the light hits it. Unfortunately, the glitter doesn’t show up well in the picture. Blah! But in person it’s amazing which is why I may be wearing this for New Year’s! We shall see!

What do you think about my nails for this week? Are you a silver nail kind of girl?

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