NARS Velvet Matte and Satin Lip Pencil Reviews + Swatches

Every year during your birthday month, Sephora offers a free gift with a purchase during that month. Last year, Sephora offered a set of two NARS Velvet Matte and Satin Lip Pencils. I have fallen in love with lip pencils/crayons this year, so I was super excited to get this as a gift. I have been meaning to write this review since I first started my blog back in November, but I kept pushing this one to the back burner. Now, I have time to write about these lip pencils.

The first color is called Rikugien. It can be purchased here for $26. It is a sheer, rose pink color. When I first tried it out back in September when I got them, I was not a big fan of the color. I don’t usually like tinted lip glosses, so I just tucked it away. However, after trying it on again a few months later, I kind of started to like it. I figured it would be good to wear on a day where I’m just running out to the grocery store and don’t want to put on lipstick, but still want something with a little color. The formula for this lip pencil is very satiny. It wasn’t sticky and it went on smooth. That’s always a plus in my book!

The second color is Cruella. It can be purchased here for $26. If you know anything about me, you KNOW I love a good red lip and this color does not disappoint. I LOVE this shade of red. It is a scarlet red. However, what I did not like about this particular pencil is that it was extremely matte, which means it was very drying. Some mattes can be moisturizing, this one was not at all. In addition, the color faded quickly. I felt I had to keep reapplying it and I hate having to do that with my lipstick. For the quality of this matte lip pencil, I could never see myself paying $26. I literally only wear this lip pencil when I am going out for a really quick run.

Scroll down below to see pictures of the actual lip pencils and swatches of the colors.


Have you tried either of these lip pencils? What were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments! 

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