Nails of the Week | Spice It Up by Sonia Kashuk 

I have been seeing this brand, Sonia Kashuk, in Target for a while now. They have a variety of beauty products ranging from makeup brushes, to lipstick, to foundation, to nail polish, and everything in between. I had been interested to try it, but since I had never heard of the brand, I was a little skeptical about purchasing anything. However, last week I was shopping around and noticed that some of their products were on sale. What better time is it to buy some new products than when they are on sale??

I decided to purchase this polish in the color”Spice it Up.” The best way to describe this color is a cinnamon or rust brown color. I really loved the color! It is perfect for the cooler months. I am trying to get all of my darker colors out of the way because next month it’ll be time for me to start moving towards brighter color…Yes, I am that person. I wear nail colors based on the season. LOL!

Anyway, the quality was okay. It chipped after three of four days, which was disappointing. However, I am not sure if it was because I did not use my normal base coat, which is the Julep Oxygen Bonding Base Coat or if it was just because of the quality of the polish. I feel like the Julep base coat really makes the polish adhere to your nails because it works like a double sided sticky tape. Also, I only needed to apply two coats to get the opacity I desired. The polish wasn’t too thin and it wasn’t too thick which made application very easy.

I will try this polish one more time with my normal base coat, if it lasts longer, I will definitely purchase more. This color is not available online, however you can click here to see what colors are offered online or head to your local Target to see what they have available!

Have you heard of this brand before? If so, what do you think about their products? Let me know in the comments!

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