SquareHue Time! | February 2016

Well, it’s that time of the month again! SquareHue TIME! I am always super excited to receive this box because I LOOOOVEEEE nail polish! This month’s theme is Bike Amsterdam. Based off of that theme, I assumed that the colors would be related to nature in a sense, such as greens, blues, maybe a chrome to represent the metal on a bike. I was somewhat right in my guesses for the polishes this month.

The three colors I received this month are Waterland District, Vondelpark, and The Nieuwmarkt. I was disappointed to receive Waterland District in this box because it is another shade of baby blue and is very similar to a color I received in my box last month. I was hoping that they would change it up this year and not repeat similar colors. Anyway, the difference between the color this month and last month is that this color is more of a sky blue and it is a high gloss creme, whereas, the color last month was a baby blue and frosted. I really loved the color Vonderlpark because it is purple and I always love purple nail polishes! It is a deep, eggplant shade! I will definitely be wearing this color before the end of the month! The last color is called The Nieuwmarkt. It is a red polish with pinkish shimmer in it. Valentine’s Day is this weekend and this color may just be the perfect shade for the weekend! We shall see!

From left to right: Vonderlpark, Waterland District, The Nieuwmarkt 

From left to right: Vonderlpark, The Nieuwmarkt, Waterland District

Overall, I am satisfied with this box and I cannot wait to see what SquareHue has in store for us next month! Until then, scroll down below to see what SquareHue is about and subscribe to your very own box!


SquareHue is a nail polish subscription where you can receive either 3 full size polishes a month for $21 or 2 polishes for $16 a month, depending on your preference. Every month, I am pleasantly surprised with the color variety that is always spot on with the theme of the year/month. With every subscription, a portion of the proceeds are contributed to prevention awareness of human trafficking.

What do you think about the colors in this month’s box? Will you subscribe? Let me know in the comments!


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