SquareHue The Adventure Collection: Pub Crawl Dublin | March 2016

I am sooo excited about my polishes this month!! They don’t really make me think of a pub crawl, but they definitely make me thing springtime and THAT is exciting to me! I’m so glad it’s finally starting to warm up, which mean spring is upon us and I can start pulling out my lighter colors! Yippee!!

Now, let’s discuss the polishes! My favorite color in this box is called Temple Bar. It is a pastel orange high gloss créme that is opaque in one coat! I just love, love, love this color! I hope it looks as good on my hand as it does in the swatch! The second color in this box is called St. John. It is a sky blue, high gloss creme. This color is also opaque in one coat. There has been a blue polish in every box this year, I’m kind of over the blues. However, this is my favorite shade of blue that they’ve sent this year. I definitely look forward to test driving this color in the coming months! The final color is called Bridge Inn. It is a textured off white color with holographic glitter. It dries with a grainy texture that kind of puts me in the mindset of a nail file. It’s really different and something about the texture makes me really like it! I’ve never worn a white polish before, but maybe the holographic glitter in this polish will push me to try this color out. I may not do a full mani with this color, but at least an accent nail.

SquareHue is a nail polish subscription where you can receive either 3 full size polishes a month for $21 or 2 polishes for $16 a month, depending on your preference. Every month, I am pleasantly surprised with the color variety that is always spot on with the theme of the year/month. With every subscription, a portion of the proceeds are contributed to prevention awareness of human trafficking.

What is your favorite polish in this box? Let me know in the comments!

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