Julep Maven Unboxing | March 2016

It’s Julep Time!!! I am really excited about my box this month! I picked out some really awesome products and even got a grape blow pop! I won’t bore you with a lot of background about the box, but click here to subscribe to your own box for $24.99 a month, or $59.98 for a 3 month subscription. The total value for my box this month was $80, including the add-on I purchased with my Jules. You earn Jules for every box you receive and can spend them on products in the online shop.

Now, for the fun part! Let’s see what products I received!

What Your Skin Needs: Restorative Facial Milk, 1 oz. $38.00

I have been debating for the last couple of months whether or not I wanted to get this product in one of my boxes. I am always concerned about facial products because my skin is so sensitive. However, I decided to go ahead and get it because it says it is suitable for sensitive skin. This moisturizer has five oils in it that absorb into your skin instantly to “treat, hydrate, and replenish” your skin. The five oils are jojoba (heals skin and locks in hydration), argan (repairs and replenishes skin with essential fatty acids), coconut (calms skin with natural anti-inflammatory properties), olive (keeps skin soft and supple), and squalane (absorbs quickly and helps the entire old blend go deeper).

I really love this skin moisturizer. It leaves my skin very soft and smooth! I put two drops into the palm of my hand using the eyedropper applicator, rub my palms together, then apply to my face in an outward and upward motion. I use this motion because you always want to apply moisturizers to your face this way to lift your skin, otherwise, you are pulling it down which could lead to sagging skin. It leaves my skin feeling moisturized for hours on end and it really is great for sensitive skin. I have been using it for six days now and my skin seems to look even more beautiful than it normally does! I think I have found a new skin moisturizer to add to my collection!

Nail Color in Kay, $14.00

This nail polish is very beautiful. It is a warm taupe shade with a golden shimmer. It is opaque in two coats. I can’t wait wait to try it out!

Nail Color in Becca, $14.00 
Also a very beautiful color. The website describes it as a “viridian tide shimmer.” Viridian tide is a blue green shade. It makes me think of the beautiful water in the Bahamas or another island! Perfect for the beach! This color is opaque in two shades.

Nail Color in Zoey, $14.00

Zoey is described as a “sea spray creme.” It is a baby blue shade with a smoky tint to it. I don’t know how this color will look on my hands, but I’m interested to try it out very soon. This color is also opaque in two shades.

What do you think of my Julep box this month? Any products you would be interested to try? Let me know!

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