SquareHue The Adventure Collection: Ice Skate Rockefeller Center | December 2016

Christmas is almost hereeeeeee!!! I am SO excited! Christmas is my favorite holiday! I love seeing all of the  lights and decorations everywhere! It just makes me so happy! So seeing the polishes in this month’s SquareHue box just added to my excitement! Each shade is spot on for the holiday season!

*Scroll down to watch the video for instructions to enter my giveaway!*

Don’t these shades make  you just want to burst out into Christmas songs?? Or is it just me??? lol

Okay, so let’s discuss these shades! My favorite shade in the box is “Rudolph.” Bet ya can’t guess which shade that is!?! Well of course it’s that beautiful red shimmer! DUH! LOL! I CANNOT wait to use this polish for Christmas day! The gold shimmer in it is everything! Also, this polish is opaque in two coats. My second favorite shade is “Jingle Bells.” I love how glossy and metallic this shade is! This shade is also opaque in 2 coats. The final shade is “Frosty.” It is a sheer pearl shimmer. It is pretty, but I will use it to add a little “umph” to another polish since I do not wear sheer polishes alone. It also takes about 3 coats to really be able to see it. I actually wish they would have given us an emerald green shade for the third polish, if I’m being honest. This box really would’ve popped if it did!

SquareHue is a nail polish subscription where you can receive either 3 full size polishes a month for $21 or 2 polishes for $16 a month, depending on your preference. Every month, I am pleasantly surprised with the color variety that is always spot on with the theme of the year/month. With every subscription, a portion of the proceeds are contributed to prevention awareness of human trafficking.

Which shade is your favorite in this box? Let me know in the comments!

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