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250 Instagram Follower Giveaway 

  Thank you for helping me reach 250 followers!!! 😘😘😘 Y’all are awesome!! Now it’s #Giveaway time! One lucky winner will win one of the pictured limited edition #BiteBeauty Lippie duos!

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Ends November 20, 2015!

Duos from left to right:





💫Scarlet/Mulberry (my favorite 😍💋)

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Bite Beauty Creme Lipstick Duo Giveaway

One lucky winner will receive one of these amazing Limited Edition Créme Lipstick Duos by Bite Beauty once I reach 250 followers on Instagram and 250 followers on ! So help me out by sharing this post with your family and friends!

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Fun Facts About Me :)

  1. I created this blog and IG page to give women of color some representation in lip colors and nail colors at affordable prices.
  2. I love monkeys.
  3. My mother and grandmother are the reasons why I love anything beauty related.
  4. I am a Daddy’s girl to my core.
  5. My favorite color is black.
  6. My mom hates how much black I wear.
  7. Black is chic though…so yeah…
  8. I am 25.
  9. I have a nail polish obsession. One day I will show you my collection.
  10. I have an older brother who is my best friend. He’s married and they have a son together.
  11. I started my own business at 21 blinging out shoes and accessories. It’s called Jewell’s Embellishing. Check it out:
  12. I have a full time job that I love, negotiating contracts.
  13. I love chocolate. It makes me hyper.
  14. I received my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the illustrious North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in 2012 and 2013, respectively. AGGIE PRIDE!
  15. This blog will not be limited to nail polish and lip colors…I’ll add in fashion and other beauty products keep things SPICYYY!!! LOL!
  16. I am a super creep…according to my friends. They still love me though!
  17. I hope to get married and have children one day.
  18. I would like to go back to school for my PhD one day.
  19. I love watching trash television, such as Love and Hip Hop and the Real Housewives series.
  20. My all time favorite television show is CSI: Miami. I went back and watched all 232 episodes on Netflix. It only took me 2.5 years. No biggie! Lol
  21. My current favorite television show is Chicago PD.
  22. I love watching movies.
  23. My dad calls me a house cat because I like to lay around the house and relax. lol
  24. I love shopping, but I cannot window shop…at all!
  25. I am fun size…standing at 4’11”.
  26. I love music.
  27. Beyonce is my favorite!
  28. My favorite podcast is The Read with Kid Fury and Crissle.
  29. I also enjoy listening to The Friend Zone and How Did This Get Made?
  30. I hope you find something on this blog that you love!

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