What’s In My Birchbox? | February 2016

This month’s Birchbox was kind of meh for me. I only liked 2 out of the 5 products in the box. But, I will continue to subscribe to them because I love that I am always being introduced to brands I have never heard of and for only $10 a month! This month’s samples are worth approximately $33. $10 for $33 worth of samples is a pretty good deal in my opinion! Click here to use my referral link to subscribe to your own box!

The theme this month is “What’s the Occasion?” I honestly don’t see what any of these products have to do with the theme, except for maybe the nail polish and the body wash (getting fresh for an event?). Lol! I don’t know… I really liked the actual box. It made me think of a sparkly night out with the designs. I think I may actually keep this one. Maybe use it as a gift box or something. But, let’s see what all I received this month!

Arrow BOOST Color Enhancing Lip Balm | Full size, $14 

Since I am such a huge lip product fan, I was excited to receive this one in my box! Arrow is a new brand exclusive to Birchbox, which makes this product even more special. But, anyway, I really liked this lip balm! It is extremely moisturizing and it has a mild minty scent to it which was actually really nice. Also, this balm is supposed to adjust to your pH. When it does this, it is supposed to enhance your natural lip color creating the perfect hue. It turned my lips a reddish hue. Not too red to where it looks like I’m wearing lipstick…it actually looks very natural. This product is definitely a winner for me and I will be repurchasing in the future.

Color Club Mini Polish in That’s My Jam | Full size, $8.50 

Well this was a pleasant surprise! I haven’t received a nail polish in a Birchbox since I started receiving them, but I have hoped that I one day would and that day has finally come! I have never heard of this brand before, which makes me even more excited to try this polish! It is a deep wine color…depending on the light, it looks either red or pink. It applied with a jelly like consistency and has a glossy creme finish. 

Not Soap, Radio Body Wash in Liquid Freud | Full Size, $16

I do not use body wash, I am more of a Dove soap bar kind of girl. Because of that, I cannot give a real review of this product. I will say that it smells like coconut which, surprisingly, was not too bad since I HATE the smell, taste, and anything else related to coconuts. I will say that all of the reviews I read on the product page were really good! So, if you are a body wash kind of gal, give this one a try!

Obliphica Professional Seaberry Serum (Medium to Coarse) | Full size, $38

I have not had a chance to try out this product and I do not know if I will. I’m actually tired of receiving hair products in my boxes because I do not like trying out new products on my hair. Mainly because it is a PROCESS to wash and style my hair and if I do not like the way a product makes my hair feel, then I have to start the process all the way over. Not fun. Not here for it. Lol! So, most times, when I am going to try out a new product, it is the day before wash day. Anyway, this product is said to revive damaged, colored, and unmanageable hair for a smooth and shiny finish. It can be used on wet or dry hair, so I may try it out right before I wash my hair the next time to see if it weighs my hair down or not.

Whish Revitalizing Cleansing Oil | Full size, $30

This is a facial cleansing oil that removes makeup and impurities from your skin. There is really no odor to this product. Unfortunately, this is another product that I will not be using. I already have a good makeup remover that I love, as well as, a good facial cleanser. I will say there are mixed reviews on the website about this product. It seems that most people can do without it.

Are you subscribed to Birchbox? If so, what products did you receive that you really enjoyed? Let me know!

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What’s in My Birchbox? | January 2016

I was overall very pleased with my Birchbox this month! I liked 3 out of the 5 products in the box, which is pretty much a win. I love Birchbox because I am always being introduced to brands I have never heard of and for only $10 a month! Although I rarely like every product, I usually like the majority of the products which makes it worth it to me. This month’s samples are worth approximately $27. $10 for $27 worth of samples is a pretty good deal in my opinion! Click here to use my referral link to subscribe to your own box!

I really loved the actual box this month. I love how the top of the box allows you to fill in the blank for what type of year 2016 will be for you. I am choosing happiness. “2016: The Year of Happiness.” I also loved that this box included a collection of inspirational stickers. Some of the words on the stickers were strength, fearlessness, risks, joy, gratitude, etc. Pretty awesome words to use as your theme for this year and every year in the future. Anyway, let’s see what I received in my box this month!

Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle | Full size, $21.95

I am very particular about the products I use on my hair. I have a set few products that work on my hair and I use them religiously. So, with that, I did not try this detangler out. I was afraid it may end up being too greasy or possibly dry my hair out. I would hate to wash my hair, use this product, not like it, and then have to redo the entire process…so, I just decided against trying it. However, based off of the reviews on Birchbox’s website, people do seem to really love this product and it may be worth trying and maybe one day I will get the nerve up to try it.

Eyeko Fat Liquid Liner | Full size, $16 
I love trying new eyeliners, so I was excited to see this full size eyeline in my box this month! I really loved this product! It has a fat felt tip, but still gives a very precise line and makes creating a winged tip super easy. The marker applicator makes application super easy because it fits in your hand better. I think eyeliners that have the felt tips, but thinner applicators are more difficult to apply and my line is never as precise as it is with the Eyeko liner. The color is a true black and it dries with a wet look.

Harvey Prince Hello Body Creme | Full size, $24

I am always happy to try new skin moisturizers due to my skin being extremely dry, so I was excited to receive a new product from a brand that I had never heard of. The sample size for this box was 15 ml .50 fl oz. The bottle is a good size for a sample, but it seemed to barely have any product in it. I had to shake it and shake it to get something to come out. What I did get to come out, I was very satisfied with! The smell is strong when you initially put it on, but not overbearing and the smell fades away pretty quickly. Although the scent is strong, it is actually pretty pleasant. It is citrusy mixed with floral notes. I am not sure if I will purchase this product since it is $24 which is a little pricey for a 12 oz body creme. I can stick with my cocoa butter and be fully satisfied. We will see…maybe one day I will be in a splurging mood and decide to purchase it. Time will tell…

Peripera Peri’s Tint Water in Strawberry Juice | Full size, $12
This product caught me by surprise when I opened it. I was so confused! I clearly didn’t read the label where it says its a tint water. I was thinking it would be a glossier formula. It is literally a tinted water. lol! I did not like this at all. It was just weird and unexpected. I don’t really know why anybody would want to put a tinted water on their lips. It wasn’t moisturizing either…but that was to be expected. But, if you want a nice tint, this product does provide that. You can probably apply a clear gloss over it to give it some moisture.

Real Chemistry Luminous 3-Minute Peel | Full size, $48

I do not use a lot of products on my face due to my skin being so sensitive. I mainly stick to water to cleanse and Aquaphor to moisturize. However, I do love a good skin peel/exfoliator and when I find one that works, I tend to stick to it. Last month, Birchbox introduced me to Vasanti (click here to read about it) and I fell in LOVE! Anyway, I only tried this product out because the packaging said that it was safe for all skin types. The instructions stated to apply a thin layer of the product onto damp skin and massage in circular motions for 15-20 seconds to allow the product to bind with your dead skin cells and form a solid. I don’t know if I did not apply enough of the product, but the solids never formed. However, I do feel like my skin was extremely soft after using this product. I will probably rotate between this and my Vasanti skin exfoliator in the future.

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments!

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What’s in My Birchbox? | December 2015

This is my second Birchbox and I was super excited when I got the notification saying that my package had been delivered. I couldn’t wait to get home and open the package. Once I opened up, I was very pleased with the box. It is simple and classy, and put me in a Christmas spirit someone. The silver design made me think snow and sparkles! lol! I already knew what products would be in my box because I checked out the sneak peek a few days prior to receiving the box. However, I was still very excited to open the box and see the actual sizes of the products and what they looked like in person. The total retail value of my box is $166. Pretty awesome huh? Especially when the monthly subscription is only $10 a month! You really can’t beat that! Well let’s get into what I received this month!

Benefit Cosmetics, They’re Real! Tinted Primer | Full size, $24

This product hasn’t even been released yet, so I was super excited to receive it in my box. I did notice a difference when using this primer with my Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. It lengthened and separated my lashes beautifully! I felt that the primer helped widen my eyes and make them stand out more. Oh and if you’re worried about the brown tint to the primer, don’t be! It blends completely with black mascara! As I stated in the beginning of this review, this product has not been released yet and is on pre-sale and will be released December 26, 2015.

Catherine Malandrino, Romance de Provence | Full size, $65-110

I am not a big fan or perfumes and I never wear them, to be quite honest. However, I did try it out just to see what it smelled like. It has a soft, musky scent. It is a little overpowering for me because if I were to wear perfume, I would wear a light, floral scent.

Coastal Scents styleEYES Eyeshadow Palette – formalEYES | Full size, $12

For this product, I thought a swatch would be necessary!  There were two eyeshadows in this sample. One was a nude and the other a rosy pink. The nude color is not flattering on my skin tone. However, I can blend the shimmery pink in with another eyeshadow to create something very pretty. The formula for the shadows are very smooth. I really look forward to wearing these one day soon! The full size product comes in two other palettes and each palette has 8 eyeshadows in it. That’s a pretty good deal for $12!

Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator | Full size, $34

I now have two of these samples. I received one as part of a mystery sample pack for a Birchbox order that I placed on Black Friday and now this one in my box. I guess this product is meant to be in my life because this is a wonderful face scrub. The exfoliator crystals are extremely fine and really help to remove the dead skin from your face and leaves skins feeling so soft! This product is also great for sensitive skin…which I have. It did not dry my skin out or cause any breakouts! Definitely a win in my book! I will be using both samples and then purchasing the full size when I run out! That’s how great this face scrub is!

Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream | Full size, $16

Ugh! I hated this product! It was not moisturizing at all! It has a very weird, indescribable texture and consistency. The scent is also a bit off putting. This could just be a personal thing, because there are rave reviews on Birchbox’s website. So, maybe I’m just the weird one! Lol!

Click here if you would like to subscribe to your own Birchbox for only $10 a month!

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts on them? Let me know in the comments!

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What’s in My Birchbox? | November 2015

I was subscribed to Ipsy and Glossybox and I was consistently unsatisfied with the products I received, so I thought I would switch over to Birchbox. This is my first box and I’m so excited I made the decision to subscribe! The products are great…especially the MAKE Face Gloss! It’s my favorite product from this box…you’ll find out why in my review below! Anyway, this box is worth $89.50, so for $10, it’s TOTALLY worth it! Scroll down to read my thoughts about all of the products I received! 🙂

 Temple Spa La La Lagoon Aromatic Bath & Shower Gel – Full Size, $18

My skin is really sensitive, so I do not use shower gels on my body. I am more of a Dove soap for sensitive skin kind of girl. It does have a semi strong smell to it. According to the packaging, it is aromatic, so I am assuming that is why it is a little strong.  But, if you do not like strong scents, then I wouldn’t recommend it. However, based on the reviews, some people enjoyed the smell and found it to be relaxing. It’s always a preference thing…so if you can find your way to a Birchbox store, I would recommend you taking a whiff before buying.

MAKE Face Gloss – Full Size, $25

OMG! OMG! Oh My God!!! This face gloss is AMAZING!!!! I have been a vaseline girl my entire life (read about my obsession here). But, since trying this out, I can’t say whether or not I will be using vaseline on my face anymore. This gloss keeps my face moisturized for the entire day and a little goes a LOOOONGGGG way. My skin is not shiny or oily looking, it just looks perfectly moisturized. It also leaves my skin feeling super soft. I love it! It is the perfect moisturizer for my dry skin. Based off of the reviews though, I am not sure if I would recommend this product for people with oily skin because it seems to make oily skin extra oily.

LOC One & Done Shadow Stick in Smoke Screen – Full Size, $10  

This eyeshadow is awesome! The pigment is super rich and the formula is long lasting. It stayed on for hours and hours without fading. I had to use an oil based makeup remover to get it off of my eyes. I tried wiping it off with a tissue just to see if there would be any transfer, and there wasn’t. I definitely recommend this eyeshadow. You’ll love it!

 Living proof.* Perfect hair Day (PhD) dry shampoo – Full Size, $22 

I have never used a dry shampoo. However, I have been considering trying one since I only wash my hair every two weeks. It would be nice to have a little refresher at the start of week 2. Enter Living Proof PhD. The smell is so fresh and it leaves my scalp and hair feeling very fresh and adds some moisture. I am not sure if I sprayed too much, because the next day, my hair felt heavier and kind of greasy…which it should have been removing. Lol! But, with that being said, I am not completely turned off to the idea of dry shampoo or this brand. I will try this one out again and not spray as much and I will probably try out another brand or two before committing to buy this in the full size bottle.

BioRepublic Skincare Green Tea Detox Purifying Fiber Sheet Mask – Set of 3 masks, $14.50   

I have never used a face mask before, but I loved this one. It smelled soooo good and it left my skin feeling moisturized and clean…although, a tad sticky once I removed the mask. Butttt….the next day I woke up with a few small bumps on my face, so I am not sure if it irritated my skin or not. I will be trying some of the other face masks offered by BioRepublic if I can find one for sensitive skin. Head over to my Instagram page to see a picture of me trying out this mask! You’ll get a kick out of it! Lol!

Will you try any of tese products or subscribe to Birchbox? You should…

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