ColourPop Cosmetics Ultra Matte Lip Color Review + Swatches

Last month I got a chance to try out ColourPop Cosmetics lipsticks for the first time and I fell in absolute LOVE with them! The quality was fantastic for the price and the color range is so broad! There is a literally a color that will look good on anybody’s complexion and will be perfect for any occasion. So after that purchase, of course I had to buy more lip products!

This time, in addition to their lippie stix (there will be a review of these later), I had to try out the Ultra Matte Lip Colors. The ultra matte lip colors come in a liquid to matte formula. They have a doe foot wand applicator which makes applying the lip color super easy and precise. The formula is not drying like other liquid to matte formulas and the color payoff is super rich and opaque! Also, the color lasts forever without fading! I ate and drank and really didn’t have to reapply. It’s best that you exfoliate your lips prior to applying and apply a lip primer to make the application smooth and less drying on your lips.

Now, on to the good stuff! I purchased these in the colors LAX and Guess. LAX is a deep blackened red…almost like a rust color. It is so beautiful on! It looks great on all complexions! I have been looking for a deep red like this and am so glad I finally found a winner! I have worn this color so many times within the last couple of weeks. It is my new go to!

Guess is a blackened purple. Super vampy and super sexy! I love a dark purple lip and this one is definitely it! I used to wear Cyber by MAC as my go to dark lip, but over time, it just seemed to not be as dark as I wanted it to be. Enter Guess by ColourPop and I am sold! It is my new go to color for a night out! I cannot wait to wear it on my next night out on the town.

Ultra Matte Lip Color in LAX

Ultra Matte Lip Color in Guess

What do you think about these colors? I think I will give them away for my next giveaway! Thoughts? 

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What is My #1 Beauty Product?

Vaseline. Period. 

I use vaseline for literally everything. My mom introduced it to me as a baby and I am still using it 25 years later and have no intention on ever stopping. I use it for my lips, face, and body. I even use it to remove scuff marks from leather shoes and bags. It’s super cheap, so how could you not invest in this product?? Get into this list of 10 ways I use vaseline below:

  1. Lip moisturizer
  2. Makeup Remover
  3. Smooths the heel and ball of your feet
  4. Removes scuff marks from leather shoes and bags
  5. Tames and moisturizes eyebrows
  6. Smooths dry skin. PERIOD.
  7. Mix it with sea salt and you have a homemade body scrub!
  8. Rub it on a makeup stain on your clothes and its instantly gone (you can also use hand sanitizer to remove clothes stains)
  9. Apply a thin layer to your skin in place of shaving gel (if you are out) to shave!
  10. Apply a thin layer to your skin before spraying on perfume to make the scent last longer!

What do you use vaseline for??

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