Nails of the Week | Finley by Julep

This is another nail polish that I am in love with! I received it in my February Julep subscription box. This color is called Finley. It is a smokey navy creme color. It is so beautiful! The polish applied very smoothly and it lasted for 4 or 5 days without chipping. All of Julep’s polishes are of good quality which is why I am still subscribed to them. I am trying to get all of my dark colors out of the way because spring is quickly approaching and it will be time for my brighter colors and pastels, which I am excited about pulling out!

I would love to see your nails of the week! Tag me on IG and use my hashtag #jewellslipsandtips so I can see them!

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Julep Maven Box Review | February 2016

Julep is here and I am not as excited about writing this post as I normally am, mainly because half of the products in my box were more so items that I needed versus items that I wanted. So, since I get to pay an automatic flat rate for this box, why not get those necessities in this box instead of purchasing them separately. However, the other half of the box I was excited about because they are nail polishes and I really liked the colors! Anyway, let’s see what’s in my box!

Golden Angle Nail Wraps

I selected these nail wraps for my box this month because I have never used them before. I thought they were different and would look really cool on top of the perfect base polish…still trying to figure out what that polish will be. Suggestions? Anyway, they have different nail wraps available on the site, but they can only be purchased in packages with nail polishes. In order to get them individually, you must have a Julep subscription.

Cuticle Pusher, $14.00

This is another tool that I selected this month because I wanted a new cuticle pusher. There’s nothing really to say about a cuticle pusher other than that they are a necessity to keep your nail beds healthy.

Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat, $18.00

I decided to try this base coat out this time around. I have been using the Oxygen Bonding Base Coat, but I wanted something different. This base coat is supposed to smooth out your nail tips if you so that your nail polish application can be very smooth.

Nail Color in Finley, $14.00

I have a few more weeks to enjoy my really dark nail polishes, so I thought this navy blue would be perfect! I’m really excited about this color and can’t wait to try it out!

Nail Color in Alaina, $14.00

I have recently fallen in love with neutral tone nail polishes ever since I received one in my SquareHue subscription several months ago. This color is described as a “driftwood taupe créme.” I also look forward to trying this color out. I think I have the perfect event in mind for when I’ll wear this polish! 🙂

What do you think about the products I received? Which ones would you like to try? Let me know in the comments!

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