Ciate London & Formula X Nail Polish and Kat Von D Lipstick Review + Swatches | Mini Sephora Haul

Recently, I was going through my nail polishes and realized that I didn’t have many new polishes. That means I had to re-up! Straight to Sephora’s website I went! I decided to purchase three mini polishes from Ciate London. I purchased a couple of polishes from this brand last summer. I don’t remember the quality of them, but the colors are so pretty that I couldn’t resist adding more to my collection! They are $8 each on Sephora’s website and when you purchase 3, you get $6 off! That’s a pretty good deal! In the picture below, from left to right, the three colors I purchased are Antique Brooch, Pool Party, and Comic Strip. Antique Brooch is described as a deep rose gold glitter with a hit of pink. Pool Party is a deep azure blue. Comic Strip is a multi tone glitter. I will probably use this color on my accent nail when I use Pool Party. Click here to purchase the polishes. 

I also purchased the Kat Von D vs Formula X set. It included 3 mini lipsticks and 3 mini nail polishes. Each lipstick is paired with a matching nail polish, which I really liked. But, I really purchased this set because I have never tried any lipsticks from Kat Von D, but I have heard rave reviews about her products so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try them. The nail polishes are really just an added bonus! The first color duo is called Lovecraft. The lipstick and nail polish are described as being a mauve pink nude. I hated this color! It looked horrible on my skin tone! I will probably give this one away to one of my friends with a lighter complexion. The second duo is called Bauhau5. This is my favorite color out of the entire set. The lipstick and nail polish are a deep raspberry. The lipstick is a perfect match to my skin tone! The final duo is called Homegirl. It is a black berry color. This color was the reason I really purchased the set. The color looked really good on, however, it applied really splotchy and I did not like that. But, that happens a lot with really dark lip colors.

The lipstick formulas are very matte and will definitely need a lip scrub and moisturizer applied before putting on the lipstick. Click here to read about my favorite lip exfoliators. Also, the nail polishes are all very pretty colors. But, from my experience with Formula X polishes, the quality is not all that great. They usually only last a 2-3 days before the polish starts to chip. However, since they have such a wide variety of gorgeous colors, I do not mind wearing their polish. I just wear it when I know I will have time to change it within a couple of days. If you love this set and want to purchase it, click here. It currently sells for $29.50.

What are your thoughts on this set? Do you think I should give this set away in my next giveaway? Let me know in the comments!

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New Years Nail Polishes

New Years is coming up and when  I think New Years, I think SPARKLES! All things SPARKLY! New Years is a time to be festive and celebrate the new year! What better way to do that than with some beautiful glittery nail polishes! Even if you are unable to go out to celebrate, the least you can do is have a party on your nails! See the picture below for some of my favorite shimmery nail polishes that will be perfect for the holiday!
From left to right:

What is your favorite nail polish for New Years? Let me know in the comments!

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Nail Polish, Setting Powder, Eyeliner, Lip Balm Anyone?

I have a problem. I am addicted to Sephora. I placed two separate orders on their website two days in a row. Smh! But, I stocked up on some pretty awesome products! See what they are below! 🙂

*Click on each photo to go to the product page*
Smith’s Rosebud Salve, $6

This lip balm is AMAZE BALLSSSS!!!! It is super moisturizing. It is a long lasting moisturizer and can be used to moisturize your entire body. I just prefer using it on my lips. I’ll definitely be adding this to my collection of lip moisturizers for the winter!

Make Up Forever HD Microfinish Powder, $30 (0.3 oz), $19 (0.14 oz); Sephora Setting Powder Brush, $11 
I used my rewards to get the Make Up Forever setting powder. I am not sure I am a fan of it. I have never used a setting powder before, but it made my skin really dry and left a ghostly glow to my skin. No matter how little I used, I still had an ashy look to my skin, which was only noticeable when I took a picture with the flash on. But God forbid I wear this in public and someone takes a picture of me with the flash on. How horrible would that be!?! LOL! I may give this setting powder another try…but it will be a while.

The setting powder brush is really awesome. The bristles are very soft and applied the powder very well. The shape and size of the brush allow you to apply bronzers and blushes for a natural looking result. I definitely recommend this brush if you wear bronzers and blushes often…even if you don’t, it’s a good brush to have in your collection.

Marc Jacobs Marc’er Precision Pen Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner  in Blacquer, $30

OMG! Am I glad I chose this as my free gift with my purchase or what!?! This eyeliner is perfect! It is a super glossy back and application is flawless. The fine pen tip allowed for the perfect line and made winging the eyeliner super easy. I have been a die hard fan for MAC ProLongwear Eyeliner…but for just a few dollars more, I may have to upgrade my life to this eyeliner! It was just that amazing!

Nails, Inc. Nail Polish in London Lane, Sold out  
Ever since I started using the Nails, Inc. 45 Second Top Coat, I have been in love with Nails, Inc. polishes. Unfortunately this polish is sold out now and I am unsure whether or not it will be restocked…but, I love the blue flakes suspended in a clear polish. I applied it on an accent nail (pictured) on top of a gray nail polish and I received so many compliments (don’t mind the bottle of SquareHue polish, it’s just the only picture I had showing the Nails, Inc. polish. lol!) Hopefully it will be restocked and if not, I will work on finding a dupe of this polish that will give you a similar effect.

Formula X Nail Polish in Sage Green, Sold out

I am a fan of Sephora’s Formula X collection for the variety of colors. I am not a fan of the quality. The polish chips after two days or so…which is a bummer. So, I only buy this brand when it is on sale. Lol! Okay, on to the polish at hand. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to paint my nails with this particular polish. I’m hoping I can get around to painting my nails tonight if I have some free time (be on the lookout on my Instagram for a picture). Anywho, I’m a little on the fence about this color. I was thinking that it would be a little darker based on the photos on the website, but looking at the bottle it seems pretty light. Maybe it will apply darker when I paint my nails. Let’s keep our fingers crossed about that! Unfortunately, this color is sold out, but if you click on the picture, you can see all of the other amazing colors Sephora has to offer!

Update: I got around to painting my nails. The color came out the way I expected it to, which I was pleased with. But, like I stated, it chipped within two days…even though that could possibly be attributed to me washing my hair. Either way, I’ll be repainting my nails this weekend.

Have you tried any of these products or do you plan to? I’d love to know! 

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