Nails of the Week | Ciaté London Pool Party and Comic Strip

After receiving my order from Sephora which included these nail polishes, I couldn’t wait to try them out! Pool Party is the perfect royal blue creme nail polish! It is a true blue and I LOVE it! What I was picturing this color to look like when I purchased it is exactly what it was when I received it! The only thing I did not like about this polish was the brush. The brush was round which made application kind of uneven. Also, the polish is not very opaque. It took three coats to get the opacity pictured below.

I used Comic Strip on my accent nails. It is a matte glitter. I had to apply about three layers to get the amount of glitter pictured because as I would brush the polish on, it would move the glitter around. But, even with the few mishaps I faced with these nail polishes, I absolutely LOVED the outcome and I think these two colors together are quite awesome!

What are your thoughts on this polish? Have you ever tried Ciate London polishes? Let me know in the comments. 

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New Years Nail Polishes

New Years is coming up and when  I think New Years, I think SPARKLES! All things SPARKLY! New Years is a time to be festive and celebrate the new year! What better way to do that than with some beautiful glittery nail polishes! Even if you are unable to go out to celebrate, the least you can do is have a party on your nails! See the picture below for some of my favorite shimmery nail polishes that will be perfect for the holiday!
From left to right:

What is your favorite nail polish for New Years? Let me know in the comments!

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Festive Christmas Nails

Merry Christmas Eve!!!! I have been waiting for this week to come so that I could really get in the Christmas spirit with my nail polish! When I think Christmas, I think about red, green, and gold. So, I decided to paint my nails red and gold for the weekend! For my red polish, I used Orly in Star Spangled. It is a red polish with red micro glitter sparkles! Super shimmery which I love! On my two accent nails, I used Julep in Margot as my base gold polish. It is a micro gold glitter polish. I provided a full review of this polish here. I then topped my Julep polish with Nails, Inc. in Snowglobe. This is a gold glitter polish suspended in clear polish. I did a full review of this polish as well. Click here to read more about it. The colors are so beautiful together and now my nails look so festive and I am fully ready to celebrate the holidays now! Check out my nails below!    

What do your Christmas nails look like? I’d love to see pictures! Use the hashtag #jewellslipsandtips and tag me @jewellslipsandtips so I can see your Christmas nails on Instagram! You may see them reposted on my IG account!

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Nails of the Week 

I love to paint my nails and I paint them at least once a week. Therefore, I would like to keep you all in the know about the polishes that I am wearing each week (or as I change them)…especially since it is a main topic of this blog. I hope you all will enjoy this weekly series! And with no further ado, let’s talk about my polish choices for this week!

I was in a silvery type mood this weekend, so I decided to go with a gray silver from SquareHue’s 2000 Decades Collection which shipped out this month. It is called Hurricane. It only took two coats to get the opacity that I have and because SquareHue has an awesome formula, it will last me all week with very minimal chipping. Their polishes are literally the best quality ever! Head over to their website now to subscribe. You won’t regret it! Also, I’ll be reviewing their boxes monthly, starting next month. 🙂

On my accent nail, I used China Glaze in Polarized. I bought this polish a few months ago on sale at Sally Beauty Supply. This is my first time actually using it. With some glitter polishes, it is hard to get the glitter to actually apply to your nails. You end up with a clear coat with a few specks of glitter in it. Not the case with this polish. The glitter applied pretty thick and I only applied a second coat to get a full cover over the SquareHue base coat that I used. The glitter is holographic and reflects every color of the rainbow when the light hits it. Unfortunately, the glitter doesn’t show up well in the picture. Blah! But in person it’s amazing which is why I may be wearing this for New Year’s! We shall see!

What do you think about my nails for this week? Are you a silver nail kind of girl?

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Glitter Nail Polish Removed in a Flash! 

Glitter polish is totally on trend now. It’s fun. It’s sparkly. It’s a party on your fingers…until it’s time to remove it. Nothing is more painful than trying to remove glitter nail polish. Nothing. However, I’ve come across two products that will cut your removal process in half! Check them out below!

*Click on each picture to go to the product website*

Sephora Collection Instant Nail Polish Remover for Glitter, $9.50

This is the best nail polish remover that I’ve come across to remove glitter polish. You can stick your fingers inside one at a time and rub them up and down against the brillo like pad on the inside, or you can remove the pad from the container and use it like a cotton ball. It’s much more convenient this way, in my opinion. This product makes taking off glitter polish as easy as removing regular polish with an acetone, or non-acetone, soaked cotton ball. So, if you are a glitter polish lover, but have been turned off because of the extra work it takes to remove it, fret no more, this is the life saver you have been searching for!

OPI Glitter Off Peel-able Base Coat, $7.25
  This base coat allows you to not even need a polish remover. You apply a thin layer of the polish to your nails. Wait for it to dry completely and then apply your favorite glitter nail polish. When you are ready to remove it, you can peel it off from base to tip with your fingernails or by using a cuticle stick. It peels right off just like a sticker. The only downfall is that I would only recommend using this base coat if you are painting your nails for a special occasion because this base makes it very easy for the polish to peel off completely. You will look down at your hand and one of your nails will be entirely bare and that’s no fun!

Will you return to your beloved glitter polish now that you have a hassle free way to remove it? Let me know!

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