Julep Maven Unboxing | December 2016

Can y’all believe that it is already DECEMBER!?! This year has flown by! It’s time for me to share what I received in my Julep subscription box this month. Julep is a subscription box service where you are able to handpick 3 products you would like each month. You can also add on products for a discounted price. The box is $24.99/month or $19.99/month with a 3-month prepaid subscription. You can click here to use my referral link to subscribe.

This month I really, really tried to switch up the products I picked. I really tried to stay away from nail polishes…I failed. LOL! I had to get one as an add on. I couldn’t help myself! I did manage to get some other goodies, so let’s see what I got!

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It’s Whipped Matte Lip Mousse in Swoon, $20.00

This is the second lip mousse I have tried from Julep. This formula is amazing! It’s very creamy which makes it very comfortable on your lips. My lips never feel dry wearing this even though it is a matte lipstick. I was expecting this shade to be darker on me since it is described as “heathered wine matte” on the site. Instead, it it just a dusty rose shade on me. It’s still pretty and I will definitely wear it!

Don’t Leave Your Brows at Home in Rich Brown, $24.00

I normally stick to brow pencils because, for me, they are much easier to use and I like to keep my makeup as simple and natural looking as possible. But, I decided to try something new, so I selected this for my box this month. I like that one end of the tube has the brow gel in it and the other end is the brush, now I don’t have to keep up with so much. I used this product to just fill in my brows because I don’t prefer the over defined brows. The gel is really smooth and easy to apply. It is somewhat difficult to get product on the brush since the part that it is in is kind of small. Overall, I liked the look and feel of this. I can’t say if I will be replacing my Ofra Universal Brow Pencil or not, but I will use this if I just want to do something different.

Oxygen Bonding Base Coat, $18.00

I got this base coat in a subscription box several months ago and really loved it. Once I ran out, I decided that I would get different products and use the base coats I already had at home. Over time I realized that no base coat was quite like this one. This base coat literally grips your nail polish to your nails and allows the polish to last longer. It also allows your nails to grow healthier and stronger. I do notice a difference in the health of my nails when using this base coat versus others.

Wonder Maven Nail Polish in Krystle, $14.00

Krystle is a dark green shade with a little shimmer. Julep’s nail polishes last at least 4 days without chipping. The polishes are also 5-free and vegan friendly.

Which product would you like to try? Let me know in the comments!

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Julep Maven Time! What’s in My Box? | January 2016

What time is it!?! Julep Time!!! I am really excited about my box this month! I picked out some really awesome products and even got a sweet treat this month! I won’t bore you with a lot of background about the box, but click here to subscribe to your own box for $24.99 a month, or $59.98 for a 3 month subscription. The total value for my box this month was $75, including the add-on I purchased with my Jules. You earn Jules for every box you receive and can spend them on products in the online shop.

Now, for the fun part! Let’s see what products I received!

It’s Whipped Matte Lip Mousse in XOXO, $20.00

Last month, I chose this lip mousse in Smooch and I loved the quality of it so much that I had to get another color in my box this month! The color I chose this time was XOXO. It is a shade of fuchsia. However, it is too pink for me and, in my opinion, is not very flattering on my complexion. It would look much better on fairer skin tones.

When Pencil Met Gel in Blackest Black, $16.00 

Soooooo I think I may have found a new eyeliner! I have been a faithful user of MAC’s ProLongwear Eyeliner for a while now. It goes on smooth and is a nice black and I thought I was in love with it…until this one entered my life! I thought my MAC eyeliner went on smooth…this one just GLIDES on! It feels like butter being applied! The black is super pigmented, unlike the MAC eyeliner and it literally stayed on all day! It didn’t fade at all! I really think I will have to switch over to this eyeliner and I’ll save $5 every time it is time to replace eyeliner, which is an added bonus! Who doesn’t like to save money on a product that is even better than their go to???? Definite win!

Nail Color in Joss, $14.00

I absolutely love this nail color! It is described as a “ripe fig duochrome” on the website.I love nail polishes that give off the iridescent effect and this one has that effect. It’s such a pretty purple with a greenish duochrome. I wish I could’ve picked up the duochrome effect in the picture. No matter how I turned the camera or the lighting I used, I could not pick it up! Anyway, I think I may wear this polish within the next couple of weeks!

Break the Ice Trio, $24.99 

Top to bottom: Primp, Charm, Mingle

I have been eyeing this trio since before the holidays. I thought I would possibly use it as a gift for a giveaway on my Instagram page, but I decided to just purchase it for myself. I think the colors are really fitting for the cooler months that we are currently in. The three colors included are Primp (marsala creme), Charm (festive fuchsia creme), and Mingle (mulled wine creme). My favorite color in the box is Charm. It looks so good on my complexion! I will be wearing this color very often in the coming months! Mingle is my second favorite. I always love shades of red because you can usually never go wrong with a red lip. As you can tell from the pictures, Primp is definitely not my color. It is wayyyyy too light for my skin tone. I will NEVER wear this one! LOL! Also, the tubes these mini lipsticks come in are so upscale! They are packaged in silver plated lipstick tubes! I definitely wasn’t expecting that which makes me excited to pull these lipsticks out to refresh my lip color! LOL!

What do you think about the products I received in my box this month? Let me know in the comments!

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Julep Maven Unboxing | December 2015 (Updated)

My Julep box has arrived and I am super excited!! The arrival of this box marks the beginning of my favorite time of the month, SUBSCRIPTION BOX time!! 🙂 This is the first of my reviews for the month, so without further ado, let’s get into this review!

I always love the unboxing part, even though I get to pick out which products I would like, it is still very exciting! I also love the inspirational quote that Julep puts in every box! The quotes always put a smile on my face! Anywho, in my box this month, I received the Orbital Eyeshadow in Borealis, It’s Whipped Matter Lip Mousse in Smooch, and the Vanish Cuticle Softener & Remover. The value of this box is $56. So, for $20 a month, this is well worth it.

Oh, if you head over to the site by 11:59 PM, December 14th, you can get 40% off sitewide during the Friends & Family Sale using the code WELOVEYOU.

Products I received this month 🙂

It’s Whipped Matte Lip Mousse in Smooch, $20.00

I love this lip mousse! It is super smooth and moisturizing for a liquid to matte mousse, unlike other liquid to matte formulas. The pigment was very rich when applied. It is described as a brick red on the website. However, I think it was a little lighter than a brick red…which is still okay with me. The wand made application easy and clean. The website lists the following as benefits of this lip mousse:

  • “Light-diffusing blend of pigments minimize the appearance of lip lines
  • Antioxidant-rich formula keeps lips feeling nourished and comfortable
  • Julep-exclusive ultra-hydrating Power Cell Complex™ delivers essential nutrients to soothe, repair, and improve barrier function so lips retain moisture”

Unfortunately, I have not worn it for an extended time to see how the wear is and how long it takes to fade. But, when I do, I will update this post.

Dial Up Your Glam Orbital Eyeshadow, $18.00I was hoping this eyeshadow would live up to my expectations based off of the pictures I saw online and OMG did it! This eyeshadow is absolutely stunning in person! The borealis effect is beautiful! I really couldn’t believe how beautiful this eyeshadow is when applied! The formula is very smooth and the application was effortless. The pigment is extremely rich and you really do not need to apply much to get a rich pigment on your eyes. According to the website these are the benefits of this eyeshadow:

• “Uses iridescent pearls and vibrant metallic pigments to create an effortless, multidimensional eye look
• Blends the color payoff of a cream shadow and the layering power of a powder”
Based off of these benefits, I would have to agree that this eyeshadow definitely lives up to both!

Vanish Cuticle Softener & Remover, $18.00 This is a really cool product. I love the eyedropper top that helps make applying a couple of drops to your cuticles very easy. It made my cuticles soft and removed excess skin. It also removed leftover nail polish around my cuticle bed and some stains that were left on my nail. Definitely an added bonus to this product!

Just in case you were curious, here are the features and benefits of this product according to the website. You will see that my review matches pretty well with what the product is said to offer.

Features & Benefits:

  • Instantly loosens overgrown cuticles
  • Removes stubborn color stains from nails
  • Reduces regrowth with regular use
  • Works wonders on toes, too



If you like the products I received this month and would like to subscribe to receive your own Julep box, click here to use my referral link.

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Will you be subscribing to Julep or trying out any of these products? Let me know in the comments!