NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Review + Swatches

I have been on the prowl for a liquid to matte lipstick for a while. I have tried a few which I have reviewed here and here. I have been looking for a formula that dries matte, but that is not extremely drying on my lips or sticky when it dries. I believe I found what I have been looking for in this product! I purchased the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in the color Coppenhagen from Target the other day. I really love the color. It is a berry wine shade. The doe foot wand applicator made applying the lip cream super easy. It dries matte after 15 seconds or so, which means you have to work quickly to clean up any mistakes. The formula was matte without being drying. I did not feel like I needed to keep reapplying or anything. I did prime with Aquaphor to add some moisture to my lips before applying the lip cream, but I do that with ALL of my lipsticks.The color barely faded after eating and drinking and it lasted for hours, without ever feeling dry on my lips. I definitely look forward to trying some of the other shades that this product comes in!

Have you tried this product before? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments! 

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Lip Monthly Review + Swatches | January 2016

This is my second Lip Monthly bag and I was terribly disappointed. I did not like any of the products I received this month! All of the lip products were nude colors and I HATE nude lipsticks. They are never a nude for my skin tone so they always make my lips look really ashy, which you will be entertained to see in the pictures below. I look absolutely crazy! LOL! They also included a hair mask in this bag, which is random. I wish they would only include lip products since this subscription is called LIP Monthly. I think I will give this subscription one or two more chances to turn it around, otherwise, I will be canceling! Anyway, since all of the products were full size, the retail value of this bag is approximately $64. Great deal since the bag itself is only $12.95…it just sucks when I won’t be using any of the products.

Well, let’s see what products I received that I will not be using…lol! Check out the bag below, at least it’s super cute!

OFRA Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Laguna Beach, $20.00

This color was hideous on me! It was a pinkish nude and it just looked awful on! It would be really beautiful on someone with a paler complexion, just not on me! The formula is liquid to matte and for the short time I had it on, it did not seem extremely drying like other formulas. It also was very opaque and did not require a lot of product to get the look in the picture. It did, however, have a slight odor to it. It smelled kind of like cake. If that wouldn’t bother you, you could probably try this product out and like it.

Starlooks Luxe Longwear Lip Pencil in Stellar

I could not find anywhere to purchase this product. But, the product card says that it retails for $14.00. The color was a mauveish shade. This is the only product that I may can use. I have to find a lipstick in my collection that it will complement first, before I can make a solid decision about it.

City Color Be Matte Lipstick in Latte, $4.99 
Latte is a light tannish color. Out of all of the lip colors in the bag, this one looked the best on me, but I still will not wear it because it just made my lips look ashy. The formula reminded me of LA Girl’s Matte Lipsticks which I reviewed here. I wasn’t a big fan of that formula. It’s not very moisturizing and does not stay on long. But, it’s only $4.99, so you can try out all of the colors and really not break the bank.

Oscar Blandi Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm 
I also could not find anywhere to purchase this product. However, the product card says it retails for $25. As I stated in my Birchbox review from this month, I am not a big fan of trying new hair products. This product says that it is for hair in need of intense moisture. You are supposed to apply it to clean, damp hair, leave it on for 5 minutes and remove it. Since it is a product that you rinse out of your hair, I may can give this one a try the next time I wash my hair. Hopefully, it does not weigh my hair down or dry it out!

What did you think of the products in my bag this month? Have you tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments!

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ColourPop Lippie Stix and Pencil Review + Swatches

I finally got around to purchasing some products from ColourPop and I am so glad I did. I purchased three lippie stix and one lippie pencil. Two of the lippie stix are a matte formula, while the other is a creme formula.

I purchased the colors Pitch, Jonesing, and Leather. Pitch is a very rich, chocolate brown. I love this lipstick for the fall and winter months. For my complexion, it also works as almost a nude lip color, which I love because I can wear it on days where I would like for my makeup to be very minimal. Leather is a deep violet. I kind of thought this shade of purple would be a little darker, but it was a little more vibrant than I thought it would be. No worries though because I love purple lipsticks and this is just another shade to add to my collection. The last color I purchased is Jonesing. Jonesing is a deep cranberry color. I think this one may be my favorite out of all of the colors because it is in the red family and you can never go wrong with a shade of red!

Let me tell you what I LOVE about the lippie stix! 1. They are super cheap. 2. They come in every color imaginable! 3. They are very moisturizing.

The only thing I do not like about these lippies is that, in my opinion, they do not have a long lasting wear. The color starts to fade after 2-3 hours. But, for the price, I can reapply every hour if I have to!

Check out the lip swatches of the colors below!





What do you think of these lip colors? What are your favorite products from ColourPop? Let me know in the comments!

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What Are My New Beauty Faves?

Welcome to the first edition of my monthly favorite beauty products! I will do a post at the beginning of every month with a list of at least 5 new beauty products that I started using the previous month and fell in love with. Some of the products may have been previously reviewed on my blog throughout the month, so this can ensure you did not overlook any amazing products! I also think this is a cool way to introduce you to some products that you have never used or heard of, used and forgot about, or see that we have something in common because you use the same products as me! And there’s nothing better than that! So, without further ado, let’s start this list!

MAKE Face Gloss, $25

I have been raving about this product on my Instagram page and my blog since I was introduced to it in my November Birchbox. This product is so amazing! It is marketed as a highlighter. However, I use it as an all over face moisturizer and it really helps to keep my dry skin feeling fresh and moisturized. Click here to read an in depth review of this product.

Benefit Gimme Brow, $24

So, this product I have been sleeping on. It came as an added sample to a Sephora purchase a few months ago. I tried it once and never went back to use it until recently. I love how this product fills my brows in and makes them appear thicker. Click here to read my full review of this product.

Smith’s Rosebud Salve, $6

I use this as a lip balm and I love it. It keeps my lips moisturized for a good amount of time and I appreciate that. It can also be used as an all over body moisturizer…I haven’t used it for that purpose though. Click here to read my full review.

MBA Cosmetics Luxury Matte Lipstick in Salsa, $9.50

If you love a good red lip that is also matte, this is the one for you! It is a matte formula that is not in the least bit drying. It is also a true red. There’s no better combination for a lipstick than this. To read my full review of this lippie, click here.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Amande, $29

I do not wear concealer very often. Honestly, I only wear it when I know I will be taking pictures for something special or going out for a special event. That’s neither here nor there though. I absolutely love this concealer. The liquid formula and the doe foot wand make application very easy. The liquid formula is also very blendable. I use a knockoff of a beauty blender to accomplish this. Head over to this page to read my full review.

What are some new beauty products that you started using last month? I’d love to know in the comments! 🙂

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My Beauty Addiction Fall Lippie Review + Swatches!!

Earlier this year, I was introduced to the wonder that is My Beauty Addiction (MBA). They sell a variety of beauty products, such as lipsticks, lip glazes, lip scrubs, eyeshadows, lashes, make up brushes. You name it, they more than likely sell it! I am a HUGE fan of all of their lipsticks. The quality is amazing, the color selection is vast, and the prices are super affordable! Also, it’s a huge bonus that their products are handmade and they even offer samples of their lippies and eyeshadows. So, what’s not to love! They also sell other brands on their site, such as LA Girl Cosmetics. Get into my most recent lipstick purchase below!

*Click on the pictures to be taken to the product page.*

LA Girl Matte Velvet Lipstick in Relentless, $4.00
 This is the second LA Girl lippie I have purchased from MBA. The color is really pretty. However, I think it takes quite a few layers to get the opacity that I prefer. Also, this product really doesn’t have much staying power. It lasts for a couple of hours before it starts to fade…that’s without eating or drinking. So, I would really only recommend wearing this if you are just running out to the grocery store or something quick.

MBA Luxury Matte Lipstick in Salsa, $9.50
 OMG this color is EVERYTHING! Salsa is a warm red; the perfect red, fall lipstick. The color payoff is amazing! Although this is a matte formula, it is actually very moisturizing in comparison to other matte formulas. It glides on very smooth and isn’t patchy once applied to the lips. Definitely another go to red for me! I highly recommend this lipstick to anybody looking for the perfect go to red!

MBA Color Rich Lipstick in Violetta, $5.50
I am a huge fan of the color rich lipsticks and have been since I first started purchasing from MBA. This is the first time I purchased lipstick from MBA in the jar formula. Normally I purchase their lipstick in the tube. However, I wanted to try the jars because the color payoff is a little richer when I apply from the jar versus the tube. But, that is just my opinion. Anyway, Violetta is the perfect shade of purple for an evening out when you are not trying to be super bold with your lips. It is described as “a deep, red purple with a shimmer” on the website and that is the perfect description for the color.

MBA Sugar Babies Jojoba Lip Glaze in Brown Sugar, $5.50

This is my first time trying the lip glazes and I am trying to figure out why I have waited so long. I am usually not a huge fan of super glossy lipsticks, so maybe that’s why I never tried it. However, this formula is glossy, but it’s not extremely shiny. It’s moisturizing and it isn’t sticky. An added bonus, it tastes like sugar! YUM! The only issue you will run into with this lip glaze is trying not to lick it off your lips!  

Which of these lippies will you be trying out? 

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