Facial Radiance Illuminating Moisturizer by First Aid Beauty Review

So y’all know that I have been searching high and low for an all over face illuminator. See my reviews here and  here . I’ve been wanting my skin to GLOWWWWWW! My goal has been to find a product with a golden glow versus a pearl or champagne glow. Whether or not it also has a moisturizing effect is an added bonus. Have I found a winner???

I went into Sephora and asked one of the team members for any recommendations. If you are a woman of color, you know that it’s hard to ask a white person for recommendations because a lot of times they do not take into consideration the difference in skin tones. Therefore, they will recommend products that will complement their complexions, which is completely understandable. I knew that before I asked the girl to help me, but I still asked anyway. She led me to every single product with a pearl tint. LOL! I just laughed to myself and she actually ended up directing me to a black lady who she felt would provide better assistance. I was so grateful because she hooked me up!

She introduced me to this amazing illuminator by First Aid Beauty called Facial Radiance Illuminating Moisturizer (retail price: $34)! I swatched it on the back of my hand and my face should have turned into the heart eye emoji because that’s literally how I felt. I was immediately in love! All I could see was the perfect golden glow on my hand and I couldn’t WAIT to apply it to my face!

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The next time I did a full face, I tried it out! If you look at the pictures below, you see that there is a brush applicator attached to the tube to make for easy application. I actually do not use the brush to apply it to my face. I place a couple of dots on my forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin and then rub it in with my hands and then blend it with a wet Beauty Blender. Pictures really don’t catch the glow, but, the glow is THERE! It is stunning! My skin was radiant and (even though my skin is generally blemish free) it smoothed out the appearance of my skin.

It’s a lightweight moisturizer, which really isn’t enough for my dry skin. That’s not a big deal to me. I just apply Aquaphor before applying this. After I applied this, I continued with my makeup routine by applying bb cream all over my face and the rest of my makeup.

I think I can end my search for an illuminator because I do believe I’ve found a winner! I definitely rate this product a 5 on a 1 to 5 scale!

What’s your favorite illuminator? Let me know in the comments!

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Kylie Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipsticks & Liner Review + Swatches!!

Alright, so I decided I would see what all the hype was about for Kylie Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipsticks. I have been seeing them all over the place lately! The kits include a lipstick and a liner for $29, which isn’t too bad. You can also buy the lipstick and liner separately for $17 and $14, respectively.

The formula is a true matte without being too drying. The darker colors apply a bit patchy, but that can be normal for darker lipsticks (note: I never have this problem with ColourPop). Once the lipstick is dry, it does not smudge or rub off at all! The lipsticks are also very pigmented which means you do not have to apply a lot of coats to achieve a bold look. I also love that a matching lip liner comes with every lipstick. I don’t have a lot of lip liners because I usually use a clear lip liner, so with all of these lip liners I have been able to mix and match them with other lipsticks that I have to create new looks.

Left to right or bottom to top: True Brown K, Kourt K, Dolce K, 22, Mary Jo K, Posie K, KoKo K, Candy K

My favorite shade is True Brown K. It’s the perfect Fall color and I have been wearing it OUT!

Left to Right: True Brown K, Kourt K, Mary Jo K

Overall, I like the lipsticks. However, I can’t say whether or not I would purchase anymore because the quality and shades are comparable to ColourPop and they’re almost 3 times cheaper.

What are your thoughts on Kylie Cosmetics? Let me know in the comments!

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Julep Maven Unboxing | March 2016

It’s Julep Time!!! I am really excited about my box this month! I picked out some really awesome products and even got a grape blow pop! I won’t bore you with a lot of background about the box, but click here to subscribe to your own box for $24.99 a month, or $59.98 for a 3 month subscription. The total value for my box this month was $80, including the add-on I purchased with my Jules. You earn Jules for every box you receive and can spend them on products in the online shop.

Now, for the fun part! Let’s see what products I received!

What Your Skin Needs: Restorative Facial Milk, 1 oz. $38.00

I have been debating for the last couple of months whether or not I wanted to get this product in one of my boxes. I am always concerned about facial products because my skin is so sensitive. However, I decided to go ahead and get it because it says it is suitable for sensitive skin. This moisturizer has five oils in it that absorb into your skin instantly to “treat, hydrate, and replenish” your skin. The five oils are jojoba (heals skin and locks in hydration), argan (repairs and replenishes skin with essential fatty acids), coconut (calms skin with natural anti-inflammatory properties), olive (keeps skin soft and supple), and squalane (absorbs quickly and helps the entire old blend go deeper).

I really love this skin moisturizer. It leaves my skin very soft and smooth! I put two drops into the palm of my hand using the eyedropper applicator, rub my palms together, then apply to my face in an outward and upward motion. I use this motion because you always want to apply moisturizers to your face this way to lift your skin, otherwise, you are pulling it down which could lead to sagging skin. It leaves my skin feeling moisturized for hours on end and it really is great for sensitive skin. I have been using it for six days now and my skin seems to look even more beautiful than it normally does! I think I have found a new skin moisturizer to add to my collection!

Nail Color in Kay, $14.00

This nail polish is very beautiful. It is a warm taupe shade with a golden shimmer. It is opaque in two coats. I can’t wait wait to try it out!

Nail Color in Becca, $14.00 
Also a very beautiful color. The website describes it as a “viridian tide shimmer.” Viridian tide is a blue green shade. It makes me think of the beautiful water in the Bahamas or another island! Perfect for the beach! This color is opaque in two shades.

Nail Color in Zoey, $14.00

Zoey is described as a “sea spray creme.” It is a baby blue shade with a smoky tint to it. I don’t know how this color will look on my hands, but I’m interested to try it out very soon. This color is also opaque in two shades.

What do you think of my Julep box this month? Any products you would be interested to try? Let me know!

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What Are My December Beauty Favorites?

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone has had a wonderful start to 2016 and that you use this year as a second chance to get things right that they messed up on in 2015 and to find the happiness, peace, joy, and accomplish whatever goals you have set for yourself! 

But, before we get too far into the new year, let’s rewind back to December and let me share with you some of my new favorite beauty products that I encountered. December is my second favorite month of the year. September is my first because it is my birthday month! lol! But, anyway,  I love December! I love seeing all of the Christmas lights and having an excuse to wear anything sparkly. That’s neither here nor there when it comes to this post though! Let’s get into my list of faves now! Enjoy!  

Baby, Baby, Baby 2015 Nail Polish by SquareHue

This polish is soooooo beautiful! It came in my December subscription from SquareHue. As soon as I opened the box, I immediately fell in love with this color! I wore it a couple of weeks and fell deeper in love once I saw how beautiful it looked on my nails. I received so many compliments on this nail color. Click here to see pictures of this gorgeous purple nail polish and read an in depth review of the polish. Also, if you are interested in purchasing this color, you won’t be able to purchase it individually. SquareHue only allows you to purchase the polishes in the collection box they came in for $21. Each box has 3 polishes. The 2010s collection box is not available for purchase on the site yet. Hopefully it will be soon!

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso, $24


I have been hearing a lot about Stila products recently. So, I was excited when I received it as a bonus gift with a recent Birchbox purchase. It is a liquid to matte lipstick formula and it is super amazing. The lipstick is matte without being too dry on the lips. The doe foot wand applicator also made application very easy, which is always a plus. I haven’t had a chance to wear it for an extended time, but from reading the reviews everyone pretty much says this lipstick does not budge which makes the name of it very fitting. Oh, and it kind of has a sweet flavor to it, almost like cake. Hopefully that doesn’t turn you away from this product though!

Beso is a true red lipstick and if you have been following my blog, you know how I LIVEEEE for a good red lip!

Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator, $34

I received this product in my December Birchbox. It is a really awesome face exfoliator. I use it at least twice a week. It removes all of the dead skin from my T-zone and around my nose with ease and leaves my skin looking flawless. Click here for my full review of this product.

What beauty products have you fallen in love with this month? Let me know in the comments!

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Benefit Gimme Brow or Take Them Away?

Thanksgiving is over. Black Friday is over. Back to reality tomorrow. Another Monday to conquer. But, I hope you all had a very enjoyable holiday weekend. To end the weekend and start the week on a positive not, I have prepared a little review for a product that I have been sleeping on. Let’s get into it…

A few months ago I received the Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel by Benefit Cosmetics in Medium/Deep Brown as a added on sample for a Sephora purchase, if I’m not mistaken. really don’t remember. Needless to say, it has been sitting in my makeup bag since I got it. I used it once when I opened the package and never used it again. Recently, I have noticed that my eyebrows have been a little on the thin side. Ughhh!! So, I set out to purchase a product to fill in my brows. I settled on a brow pomade by Ardell from Sally Beauty. I love it and I highly recommend it! However, it takes a little more time to apply than I would like for a product I want to use on a daily basis and that’s not what this post is about.

Re-enter Gimme Brow. I started using this product again and am trying to figure out what I have been doing with my life and why I only used it once! Lol! This product is EVERYTHING! It has a mascara like wand and you just brush it over your brows and VIOLA!, perfectly filled brows! Application is unbelievable easy! The brush even helps you to shape and arch your brows! The color stays all day without fading or running! Since this is only a sample size, I will be purchasing the full size product once I get low on this one…which will be very soon! It sells for $24 at Sephora. Click here to go to the product page.

 Have you tried this product before? Do you have any other recommendations for brow products? I’d love to know!

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